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Even Smarter Bombs

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Libya: Invasion of the Money Pigs

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General Electric’s Immelt to Head Council on Jobs and Competitiveness

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GE’s CEO Jeffrey Immelt is being hailed as a “Green Jobs Genius”, but General Electric is about as green as a Hess Truck:

GE is responsible for toxic Superfund sites, knowingly exposing people to radioactive material, and has been fighting Superfund clean-up laws that hold the company accountable for damage caused by years of careless PCB dumping:

    Honeywell International Inc., which was linked to 128 Superfund sites, General Electric Co. (116 sites) and Chevron Corporation (122 sites) are the companies connected to the largest number of Superfund sites. For most of these sites, other companies were also listed as possibly contributing to the pollution.” – From Projects for Public Integrity

    GE has also secured BILLIONS of dollars in defense and military contracts, earning itself a place amongst the most notorious war profiteering companies.

      GE was even compared to Enron in it’s accounting schemes under Immelt. Feeling confident yet? What if I told you they paid ZERO dollars in taxes again in 2010?

        Use Go Green to find local eco-friendly alternatives. And check out CLEAN UP GE dot ORG. Also a good site:

        Obama Readies Order for Indefinite Detention

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        Precrime Units Next?

        America Celebrates Another Year of Indefinite Detention!


        Happy belated Gitmo Day! On Jan. 11, 2002, the United States captured a few dozen civilians in Afghanistan, then shipped them to a lawless shithole Navy base on an embargoed island. It was there, at Gitmo, that these confused civilians morphed into Enemy Combatants and then lost all of their human rights — sort of like how caterpillars emerge from their cocoons as a beauteous butterflies, except instead of turning into butterflies they were put in prison forever. (So, scratch that, being an enemy combatant is basically the exact opposite of being a butterfly.)
        And now, entering its ninth year of shame, there are still around two hundred persons imprisoned at Guantanamo! Will you end up at Gitmo one day very soon? Take our quick Enemy Combatant quiz and find out:
        1) Is your name Julian Assange?
        2) Have you ever tried to sneak a water bottle full of water through airport security?
        3) Are you at least fifteen years old?
        4) How brown are you? Scale yourself, 1-10.
        5) Did you Forget? (If you don’t “know” what we are talking about, you clearly Forgot.)
        Now count up how many times you have muttered to yourself, “oh no I really am a terrorist,” add 1 to your score and then multiply your subtotal by 1,000. If your score is higher than, say, 10, you definitely qualify as an Enemy Combatant. Hooray for indefinite detention and secret military tribunals, the purest forms of Democracy! [McClatchy]

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